The best app in the world to learn interesting quotes and to earn money with answering the questions right. Join now the revolution of earning online money and become one of the first persons who know this secret.

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We made an algorithm that randomly finds quotes for you. After that we will choose a word randomly and you have to find the right order of the searched letters.

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You can earn this currency by completing quotes and by playing on our new spinning wheel. With our currency you can check out in our store and buy amazing prizes (PayPal, Google Play Cards, Paysafecards, Codes for games,...). We add as fast as possible new prizes for you.

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In the shop you can choose between many offers that are only made for you. But our major product is to change QuotePoints into real money.

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The app is cloud based. That means you can use youre account on every device you want and it is save at the same time.